History Teacher Creates A Playlist To Tell Metal’s History

Heavy Metal Concert

We all know that Heavy Metal is such a beloved genre and that it has changed the life of many people – me and History teacher Humberto Campitelli Junior included. It happens that these social isolation times has also changed Humberto’s approach on life and he decided to make a list of Heavy Metal songs from the beginning until today to tell the genre’s history. The playlist is called “The Metal Anthology” and gathers almost 1,700 songs with 125 hours long which is more than 5 of pure metal music.

In a interview to Whiplash, Humberto told that he decided to make the list including the big guns and also obscure bands that he met during this research. Bands as Black Sabbath go hand to hand with Kalmah (Melodic Death Metal) and Solitude Aeternus (Doom).

By the way, the list is not finished yet he tells…