Hitchhike – Tequila

One more of the lost gems of Frech Heavy Metal series reissued by producer Bart Gabriel and No Remorse Records. The funny thing is that Hitchhike “Tequila” got lost in my PC too… Nah, not because it’s no good. It is good indeed, but when I finished the French series, Hitchhike “Tequila” remained there hidden somewhere in the hard drive. But it’s back to life almost alive and well because Hitchhike disbanded a long time ago. As for all the series, Hitchhike “Tequila” was an EP that had to be fullfilled with six more songs from a 1990 demo.

Hitchhike “Tequila” has some good musical ideias and good riffing. The opening track, “Pirates Of Love,” was really made for headbanging. The catchy guitar riffing amazes. Take for instance, “Nuclear’s Love.” The initial riff is amazing and the song gets a different musical path than the expected. “Nuclear’s Love” runs away from the 1980s clichés, mostly beacause of the exquisite guitar riff, even though the song title is a bit clichéish. In “Steel Wheels,” where the recordings from the demo tape start, it’s possible to notice a change of musical direction. “Steel Wheels” is harder, not only sonic speaking, but the cadence also. The chorus isn’t catchy, and the riffing is heavier and harsher. “Lady Death” takes the same path. And I liked it better. Hitchhike got more personal musicality. That musical direction pleased more. It seems that Hitchhike tried to get more near thrash due to the Anthrax’s like chorus in “Gave It All.” From my stand point, Hitchhike should’ve better followed the demo’s musical direction. The cadence and pace in “Please” is something to remark. Also are the guitar solos and the singer performance who featured all his vocal abbilities. A highlight to the bass and its remarckable swing and to the unexpected harmonica which gave a strong bluesy atmosphere.

Well, the six first songs of “Tequila” are okay, but the six last are much better! There’s much more of a personnal touch, and that’s what really counts.

Hitchhike “Tequila” was reissued on May 15th via No Remorse Records.

Click here to hear to Hitchhike “Tequila” on Soundcloud.

Track Listing:

  1. Hitchhike
  2. Pirates Of Love
  3. On Stage
  4. Tequila
  5. Down By The Hammer
  6. Nuclear Love
  7. Steel Wheels (bonus track)
  8. Lady Death (bonus track)
  9. Gave It All (bonus track)
  10. Precious Time (bonus track)
  11. Please (bonus track)
  12. Call Of Mars (bonus track)

Watch the video for “Nuclear’s Love” here: