HITTEN – New Video “In The Heat of the Night”

Spanish Heavy Metallers HITTEN proudly present a second song from their upcoming new album “Twist Of Fate” – to be released on 14th September 2018 via High Roller Records on CD and LP (special edition in blue aqua vinyl).

Check out the official tour video for “In The Heat Of The Night” here:

“Twist Of Fate,” introducing the band’s new vocalist Alexx Panza, will contain ten songs full of wild riffs, classic vocals mixed with powerful high pitches, crazy twin guitar passages and super feeling solos. A must for each and every genre lover!

 The first released track, “On The Run,” is available here:

Track Listing:

  1. Take It All
  2. Final Warning
  3. Twist Of Fate
  4. Flight to Freedom
  5. Svccvbvs
  6. Evil Within
  7. On The Run
  8. In The Heat Of The Night
  9. Rockin’ Out The City
  10. Heroes

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