Hitten – Triumph Tragedy Review

To tell you the truth, I really had the impression that I had reviewed more than one album from Hitten. In fact, it was only one 2018’s “Twist of Fate.” I don’t know I think I had reviewed more than one album. Maybe a slight confusion. It happens all the time. Not that the name Hitten is too popular.

“Triumph Tragedy” is a celebration to the late 1980s Hard’n’Heavy with a sonancy that differs from the pioneers of Hard Rock. This sonancy of combination of NWOBHM with some more melodic sonancies and insane riffing. It’s faster and more striking. However, the more melodic passages avoid the heavyness or sweeten the a little. But that’s a characteristic of this sonancy. Hitten are a great represention of this kind of sound. The fan will notice that the guitars sometimes are interwooven by some keyboards that can sweeten or give some more interesting sound to the songs. The fan will also notice that the guitrars are more present. They participe a lot more in the songs with a heavy and clear sound. And vocals. Well, vocals are something else in the music. Depending on the talent of the vocalist the music goes smoother or harder. They kind of lead the songs or all the album. The music can go harsher and heavier or drawn in a sea of sweet tears and sugared water. For the fan’s sake, Hitten don’t fall in this trap of sugaring too much their music. Ok, it’s not heavy enough for extreme metallers but it’s in a good balance between the heavyness and the emotion. The same sonance that reminds a lot Tokyo Blade in the first place.

The album is open up with the frentic and heavy-boogied “Built to Rock” whose insane rhythm gets the fan by the guts. A great album poener with all the adrenaline and energy Metal fans love. A big hell yeah to the drummer Marco Prij who keeps the insane rhythm and cadence all the time. Another hell yeah to guitarists Dani Meseguer and Johnny Lorca who do a great job keeping the balance with striking guitar riffs and great solos. Pay attention to “Light Beyond the Darkness” and notice the amazing guitar work where each note is the proper place. Look how they fast forward the cadence and bring another mood to the song.

Here we’ve got an album that is a celebration to life. Metal needs this energy and power and the right dose of rhythm. Everyday doesn’t have to be a hell on Earth.

Hitten “Triumph Tragedy” will be released on November 26th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Built to Rock
  2. Eyes Never Lie
  3. Meant to Be Mean
  4. Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer)
  5. Ride Out the Storm
  6. Core of the Flame
  7. Under Your Spell
  8. Light Beyond the Darkness
  9. Something to Hide
  10. Triumph & Agony

Watch official music video here: