Hittman – Destroy All Humans

Three years ago we had the pleasure and honour to review the reissue of Hittman’s debut, and self-titled album “Hittman.” Now the band is back with their new effort “Destroy All Humans” that is largely coherent with the music they used to do in the past with an album that follows the 1980s Power Metal with some touches of Prog. It’s an album that pleases the newcomer metaller that doesn’t know the band or doesn’t have the knowledge of 1980s Power Metal. It’s a great appetizer for some canon bands of the epoch. But make no mistake, Hittman are the real deal.

“Destroy All Humans” strikes with the breathtaking and killing title track. A fun fact is that in the seconds to begin the fan may think it is a Dio era Rainbow album due to the epic and gracious intro to the song. But the earthshaking a la Savatage guitar riffing comes spitting fire all over the place and swipes away all doubts. I’ve got to say that this guitar riff goes straight ahead to my personal list of great guitar riffs of all times. Second and third tracks change the mood a little introducing the Queensrÿche inspired “Breathe” and “The Ledge,” track that by the way reminds Queensrÿche more. Hittman nail it when decided to give a more Prog approach to their career and it seems that this tendency came to stay because fourth track “Code of Honour” follows the same path though a bit heavier even with some clean guitars now and then. The melt Savatage and Queensrÿche takes Hittman very well, if you ask me.

Ok, and now that the fan is wondering about the aforementioned melt comes “Total Amnesia” that slides a little from the path with a fat and thick guitar riffing. I have to add that it seems that “Destroy All Humans” has to distinct moments as I hear sixth track “1000 Souls” with melodic and clean twin guitar intro riff. The track keeps the change of heart in the album and ready the fan for some more with “Out in the Cold” with a standard guitar riff that reminds a bit the mighty Judas Priest, but vocals leave no doubt of the Queensrÿche influences.

Well, as I said the fan that purchases “Destroy All Humans” won’t be disappointed. It’s not the most fantastic thing in the universe, but there are tracks as the title track that gets very near.

Hittman “Destroy All Humans” was released on September 25th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Destroy All Humans

  2. Breathe

  3. The Ledge

  4. Code of Honour

  5. Total Amnesia

  6. 1000 Souls

  7. Out in the Cold

  8. Love, ‘The Assassin

Watch “The Ledge” official video here: