Hollentor – Divergency Review

There are albums that urge to be reviewed. Some albums nearly ask to be reviewed and reviewed fast. Hollentor “Divergency” came in today in the mail. With a very quick look I decided I had to review it. Honestly, I read the names that are in the project and they made me decide to get the album. I’m pretty sure no one sane would pass an album with names as Glen Drover (x-Megadeth), Shawn Drover (x-Megadeth), Tim Ripper Owens (x-Judas Priest), Henning Basse, (x-Firewind), Rudy Sarzo (x-Ozzy/Whitesnake), James MacDonough (x-Megadeth/Iced Earth), James LoMenzo (x-Black Label Society/current-Megadeth), George Lynch (x-Dokken/current-Lynch Mob), Eric Peterson (Testament). No, I guess not.

If the stars list attracts at first, the music herein attracts much more. Hollentor give an upgrade to Old School Heavy Metal. Its grip is modern, but not modern in the bad sense, it’s in the good sense at all. It’s not only the melodic constructions but also the neat production that highlights all the musicians’ performances. I’m still searching in my mental Metal music library the bands Hollentor address. Maybe until the end of this review I’ll find at least one. My dear child of the night may find strange the fact that I refer so much to the production, but the thing is that it is very impressive. Of course, if the songwriting weren’t good, this impression would be less impressive. Yeah, the song writing and the musicians’ performance are impressive as well. Guitarist Glen Poland showcases all his aptitudes for choosing the best guest to each track. Let’s say the man hits bull’s eye in all of them.

Musicwise, “Divergency” bounces through the good old Heavy Metal and the also good old Hair Metal. Some tracks are heavy as “Seize the Day” with a guitar heavier than hell. However, “Vikings Pride’s” drumming addresses to the Power Metal double bass playing, vocals and guitars have some taste of the heaviest Hair Metal bands as Skid Row and Dokken, for instance. I know it sounds strange, but musical review isn’t a hard science. It’s not even a science.

Maybe the band I wanted to remember was Gamma Ray. I’m not that sure. Well, whatever, but I have to say that “Divergency” is a pretty damn decent album. Metallers of all factions will love it I’m sure.

Hollentor “Divergency” will be released on February 17th.

Track Listing:

  1. Behind the Wall
  2. Divergency
  3. Find the Light
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Kraken Awakens
  6. Lotus Eater
  7. Seize the Day
  8. Vikings Pride
  9. We Are Chosen

Watch “Divergency” official music video here: