HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES Forced To Cancel Budapest Show After JOHNNY DEPP Was Found Passed Out In Hotel Room

Johnny Depp Holywood Vampires Live

In a surprising turn of events, the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, a high-profile rock band featuring actor Johnny Depp alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, had to postpone their scheduled concert in Budapest. The sudden decision came after Depp was discovered unconscious in his hotel room.

While Depp‘s missing the sound check was not out of the ordinary, his inability to leave the hotel due to over-excitement raised concern amongst the band members. Out of respect for Depp’s health and safety, the band chose to put the show on hold.

An usher revealed: “Everything was set, the stage was set, the backstage crew was ready for the party. No one thought there could be a problem, especially as the band members had done the sound set-up that had been scheduled for the afternoon.”

This unsettling episode has led to a swell of concern amongst Depp‘s fanbase, especially given its timing amidst circulating rumors about Depp reprising his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow. As fans worldwide send their support, the impact of this incident on Depp‘s potential return to Disney remains to be seen.