Holyroller – Swimming Witches Review

Dang pretty interesting album. This “Swimming Witches” is such a cauldronry hodgepodgy album that made me rethink some certainties I used to have. First of them, it shows me and my dear children of the night that the 1970’s are definitely back. I lost track of how many albums with this grip I reviewed this year and it’s only February. This new wave of 1970’s inspired bands allows some modernities in its music as the guitar solos of “Earthdweller.” Black Sabbath aren’t the sole influence anymore. There are lots of them that includes bands of the 1970s and bands from the 1990s as Nirvana and Pearl Jam as my dear fan can notice with “Last Embrace.” Some Kiss is allowed as well as in the initial guitar riffing of “Earthdweller” which addresses to “Love Gun” initial guitar riffings.

The album is opened by the groovy “Atheist Prayer” which has some interesting guitar licks. The song differs from the other of the album for it’s groovy riffing and the exciting cadence and melodic construction. The song is a great sample of what Holyroller can do with the instrumentals. By the way, pay close attention to the bass lines and its overtones. The musical idea the song carries could easily be extended to the other songs of the album. From following track “Stumbling Towards Death” I loved the outstanding and cynic tittle. Why cynic? I really don’t know but it sounded to me to be stumbling towards death is a very cynical way of defining life. Well, to some extent, aren’t we all stumbling towards death? I’m saying that as a mea culpa because, in general, we don’t say a lot about song tittles. Most of the times they say a lot about the  album and the band. Sometimes even more than the lyrics. Just to think of it it’s not that I pay lots of attention to albums tittle. My dear child of the night knows that I never say a word about them, but I guess what a swimming witch could be. There are tittles that I simply dont understand.

Holyroller brought us dang good album full of references. For the ones that are trying to understand this new wave of 1970’s inspired bands.

Holyroller “Swimming Witches” will be released on March 10th via Black Doomba Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Atheist Prayer
  2. Stumbling Towards Death
  3. Earthdweller
  4. Last Embrace
  5. The Deuce
  6. With Time
  7. Bloodhound
  8. Swimming Witches

Watch “Swimming Witches” official music video here: