Hootenanny Freaks – Eyes of the Warrior Review

Here’s an album that delivers all the diversity included in Hard Rock. “Eyes of the Warrior” has many elements that Hard Rock is all about from the sweetest to the kinkiest – good Hard Rock has the obligation to be kinky between you and me. Besides the good playing. And a kicking sweet keyboarding. Hootenanny Freaks have them at all. However, there is very oimportant thing about Hard Rock that “Eyes of the Warrior” doesn’t deliver and that the party grip. The album isn’t about partying all night long. It’s about life and everything else. A facete of Hard Rock that you my dear fan might not know.

The album starts with the super paced “Down to Drain” with a killer drum intro and guitar riff. It reminds a little Dio in “Sacred Heart” and “Dream Evil” eras. I mean, not rhe vocals but the instrumentals. The guitars are the highlight of ther album with creative and great riffing and solos. The kind of song the fan sing along. Then come “Night Train” that starts as Def Lepard but acquires a certain 1980s Gothic mood with the keyboards. Title track “Eyes of the Warrior” has a similar path in the very beginning with a nice acustic guitar but then suddenly the guitars get on fire and the song acquires some heavier grip. There is in it the same certain 1980s Gothic mood but now with the vocals. The contrast of the guitars and the keyboard is just amazing. There is something of The Cult in it, but I can’t exactly tell what it is. Strong and sing along chorus too. “Girl on Fire” has that frentic rhythm that only Hard Rock bands know how to. The kind of song that makes the fan bagn the head at large and nonstop.

The feeling and heart of true Hard Rock is what the fan will get from Hootenanny Freaks and “Eyes of the Warrior.” For Extreme Metal fans the band and the album may lack power and speed, but I guess, for other metallers the band goes right to it. Hootenanny Freaks prove that to be true heart is all one needs.

Hootenanny Freaks “Eyes of the Warrior” was released on August 27th via Inverse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Down to Drain
  2. Night Train
  3. Eyes of the Warrior
  4. Girl on Fire
  5. Are You Ready
  6. Shadows in Paradise
  7. Isolation
  8. I Don’t Care
  9. Die Happy
  10. Gone

Watch “Night Train” official video here: