HOPESCURE And ‘Nostalgia, Pt 1’

Hopescure are a Franco-Luxembourgish band founded in December 2016 by the current band members. Andy ABRANTES and Kevin ROY have previously worked together on small projects and they always intended to form a band together one day.

This progressive metal band combines its inspirations from score music with progressive rock music. The music is rich in variations including metal riffs with melodic lines very much in the essence of Dream Theater or Myrath and having also atmospheric passages as bands like Porcupine Tree and Opeth to only name a few.

The formation of the band in the beginning included Alexandre KLEIN on the drums, Kevin ROY on the guitar, Patrice DIASIO on the bass and Andy ABRANTES as lead vocalist. All very passionate by the progressive genre, they combine all their varies influences in a very ambitious project: compose their first album. Writing music that has emotions was very important for everyone from the beginning on. A concept album was planned based on the emotions one can feel during a breakup or when a beloved person leaves your life suddenly.

During the first year, the compositions started to emerge with the ambition to find a keyboard-player. During that time, the band members were busy elaborating on ideas and basic song structures. Months later, the recruitment of a fifth band member was harder than expected. It became inevitable to write the parts of the fifth member in order to proceed with the writings of the album. This task was taken over by Andy ABRANTES who devoted lots of time and efforts. As a pianist, he had already some experience in writing orchestral music. With the supervision from the other band members and specially the technical skills from Kevin ROY, the results were beyond expectations and the decision was taken to remain only 4 members by using backing tracks for their music.

2018 was dedicated in composing and recording the demos.  The alchemy between the band members was so great that the ideas kept flowing and the productivity was immense. It was so good that a double album was the goal. However, due to time issues and logistics, this idea was put aside a few months later.

After 2 years of formation and hard-working, Hopescure started to exist publically on Facebook followed by a teaser announcing our first album Nostalgia. The band wanted to keep quiet about their existence until the music was ready.

Beginning 2019: a first concert enabled the band to get first public reactions in order to decide on the titles to include in their first album.

From April 2019 to October 2019 was dedicated to the production of their first album “Nostalgia Pt.1.” The recordings were done mainly in a small studio in France that belongs to a band’s friend. The mixing of the album was entrusted to Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band) and the mastering was done again in France by the recording studio.

Beginning 2020, Alexandre Klein decided to part ways with the band due to personal and professional choices. The band is looking for a replacement since then but continues to work on “Nostalgia Pt.2.

Metal Integral (Planete Music) wrote a review about the album and said:

“Nostalgia Pt.1” is fresh, accomplished, personal, wonderfully executed and written. The album is the sum of technical enchantments and melodies. A progressive metal album of first order. A wonderful album.

Band Line-Up:
Andy Abrantes – Lead vocals, Piano, Synths
Kevin Roy – Lead guitar, Piano, Synths
Patricie Diasio – Bass, Drums

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