Hot Breath – Hot Breath

It is a fact that the album culture has permeated the music business, moreover, the music fruition among fans. When it comes to Heavy Metal, the thing gets pretty serious because the album culture has turned into a strong culture inside our guts. Even all the attacks to it with the downloads and digital albums per se, Heavy Metal has never left the idea of building up albums. I explain, no Heavy Metal band records aside from the formula of an album. No Metal band records a song alone to sell it around. It’s always an EP or a full-length. Inside this culture there are other subcultures, or formula, if it gets easier to understand. The intros are one of them. A great deal of albums have intros, no doubt about it. The intro “Still Not Dead” of this album “Hot Breath” called my eye from the beginning and it made write all this. Not because it’s so peculiar or unique, it’s the other way around, it’s pretty commom and that’s what made me think about it.

Hot Breath’s music is situated into a no men’s land of music. I mean, they play what in the 1970’s was called Heavy Rock and some, I’d better say very few, started to call Heavy Metal. This argument is still in a harsh dispute among people who study Heavy Metal. In my opinion – and remember my opinion and $ 10 buy a CD – Hot Breath play what some call the second generation of Heavy Metal bands. Just pay attention to the riffs and licks of “What You Keep” and tell me they aren’t Metal enough. Of course, that when compared to Extreme Metal bands Hot Breath is light, but still Metal. Also pay attention to the guitars in the aforementioned “Still Not Dead” and feel it. Lots of AC/DC and UFO in it, isn’t it? By the way, my child of the night, you must know UFO.

Well, long story short, “Hot Breath” is an energetic, vibrating and pulsationg album as of the ones from the time they pay the respects. “Maniac” tells a lot about it. An album to headbang at large. Ah, by the way, Hot Breath is female-fronted, as though as it it was hard for me to notice.

Hot Breath “Hot Breath” will be released on October 18th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Still Not Dead
  2. Maniac
  3. 1,000 Miles
  4. Got It All
  5. Slight Air
  6. What You Keep
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