Hot Suede – Hot Suede

I confess I was almost skipping this Hot Suede with their self-tittled album. I don’t know I guess I didn’t like the name or I thought it would be one more of the same post-rock bands that play everything just to please a larger audience mixing rap with whatever the audience wants to listen these days. It would be a very wrongdoing, a big fat mistake. Hot Suede are a firmly based 1970s heavy rock band. In fact, Hot Suede sound a lot as Rush’s first self-tittled effort – it’s a compliment, guys, please. A punch in the face of whom say that rock is dead. The problem is that they really don’t get what it means. Hot Suede make the old sound like new and that’s the deal with bands today. No problem at all with that. We, people that like music no matter what, get that. It is not mandatory to record top-notch music all the time. By the way, a burning question ‘What is top-notch in terms of music?’. I guess the answer may vary a lot.

One of the most desirable characteristics of Hot Suede is that they are experts in writing songs. I’ll explain. Each song is like a story, each one has a beginning and an end that are altogether. Hot Suede are worried in writing a different song in each one. The twelve songs of “Hot Suede” are not monolythical in any way. That’s what I mean, and 1970s were killers in doing so. Therefore, it’s so hard to me to point out only a song. My guess is that “Occasional Lover” can be pointed out as the one I liked most not only because it is the longest, but because of the drumming which fills out each blanket in the song. Drummer Brett Southard kills. The groovy guitar riffing is also a highlight with all the bridges that lead to more emotional parts. The melodic vocals are also great. Well, let’s cut it, all the song is fantastic. As a bonus, I’d get “Good Maroon” because of its intro and mood.

Well, my boys and girls, I like to be surprised and Hot Suede were a fantastic surprise. If you’re into the 1970s sonance, Hot Suede are the band.

Hot Suede “Hot Suede” was released on May 17th.

Track Listing:

  1. Roll A Bone
  2. The Otherside
  3. Forget About You
  4. Get What You Came For
  5. Watch Me Burn
  6. Make it Harder
  7. Spilts
  8. Interlude
  9. Tell Me
  10. Occasional Lover
  11. The Trail
  12. Good Maroon

Watch “Make it Harder” live video here: