House by the Cemetary – The Mortuary Hauntings Review

“The Mortuary Hauntings” commences the best possible with the amazing “Cadavers Emerge” with the immediate drums pounding Slayer made famous with “Evil Has No Boundaries” and an amazing guitar riff. With few notes my dear child of the night will realize this is an Old School Death Metal band with all the pros and cons. House by the Cemetary release their sophomore with Rogga Johansson, one of the most prolific Death Metal guitarists I’ve ever met. Here with House by the Cemetary he showcases one more of his many facetes that is the horror inspired Death Metal. Of course, the band’s name tells all this with only one look. By the way, the band’s name was taken directly from the 1981 Fulci-directed cult horror film. If you want to watch the original movie House by the Cemetary,” just click. 

Musicwise, regarding to Death Metal playing, “The Mortuary Hauntings” is reasonably simple, but this doesn’t mean the album is easy. It just means it’s not fancy as Prog Death Metal album. Rogga Johansson delivers the fan his straight ahead guitar playing to enjoy the fans with songs that sound at the same straight ahead and powerful. “Beware of the Woods” is a great example of this with straight ahead guitar riffs and a pounding drumming playing at a semi fast-as-hell velocity. It’s interesting how House by the Cemetary bounce straight ahead song with faster-than-hell velocity with tracks with a more cadenced speed and mood. The sequence of “The Realm of the Cursed” and “Beyond Oblivion” is a great example of this. More interestingly is that the band bounces both at the same song. Take a look at the speed of “Infested” and tell me it’s not a song to headbang until your neck gets wrecked. I keep wondering how would it be in a gig with the crowd opening for some mosh. It would be so cool.

Horror inspired Old School Death Metal with a very known character of Metal music. One of the most prolific guitarists I’ve ever seen. An album to appreciate very loud.

House by the Cemetary “The Mortuary Hauntings” was released on May 31st via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing

  1. Cadavers Emerge
  2. Beware of the Woods
  3. The Realm of the Cursed
  4. Beyond Oblivion
  5. Infested
  6. The Book of Eibon
  7. Tortured Severe
  8. Opening the Gates of Hell
  9. Crypts of Torment

Watch “Cadavers Emerge” official music video here: