How Musical Instruments Can Improve Your Life

Musical Instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument can bring a positive change to your life. It has been scientifically proven that playing a musical instrument can actually improve your memory, coordination, and timing. Since music involves your ears, eyes and thinking all at the same time, it has proven to be one of the best brain exercises of all time.

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Here are 5 ways on how musical instruments can improve your life. 

1. A Musical Instrument Can Make You Smarter

Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between academic success and musical training in both adults and children. Children who start playing musical instruments at an early age are more likely to have better reasoning skills which are very essential for subjects such as math or science. 

Learning a musical instrument at an older age can also do wonders for the brain as well. A study conducted by the University of South Florida showed that adults of the ages between 65 -85 years who took piano lessons for six months exhibited improved memory, verbal fluency among other cognitive functions. 

2. Playing an Instrument Relieves Stress

Music is a powerful stress reliever and can keep you calm even after a very long day. Compared to going out for a drink or smoking a cigarette, a 30-minute jamming session with your musical instrument can help you get your mind off things without harming your health. Playing the musical instrument of your choice can help you release your frustrations and you will slowly realize that your heart rate begins to slow down, your blood pressure regulates and your stress hormones decrease every time you settle down to play a musical instrument.

3. Playing an Instrument Builds Your Confidence

You’ve probably wondered how seasoned musicians go on stage and perform in front of thousands of people without faltering or losing a beat. Well, learning a musical instrument can help you build your self-belief and confidence not just in performing but in other areas of your life. In children especially, playing a musical instrument can help them build their confidence when presenting their tasks in non-academic contexts. 

4. Playing Music Can Help Improve On Your Discipline and Management Skills

Perfecting the art of playing a musical instrument takes time and discipline. You have to work tirelessly and put in a lot of commitment and perseverance in order to be good at it. At the end of the day, you will realize that the whole experience of practice and learning teaches you the important value of patience and discipline.

5. Playing an Instrument Can Boost Your Social Life

By learning to play a musical instrument, you will be able to create beautiful memories that your loved one will enjoy and this can actually help in bringing people closer to yourself. For example, if you decide to play your guitar in public, you might end up making new friends or attracting other musicians who together, you can produce so much more than when you play music individually.

Nothing beats a good music session with fellow artists and the friendships created during these hangouts are priceless.