To get acquainted with the death of a loving one is hard. Don’t tell me about it. Even though the toughest of the Metal guys feel something when know it. Phil Anselmo is no exception. Take a look what he told Spooky Empire about Vince’s passing:

“I was busy rehabbing my back [after undergoing surgery earlier in the year], and I had had a great day grinding at the… downstairs, hitting the bag and sh*t like that. And then I got the news about Vince and it was just deflating, man.

“Despite all of our differences, just know this: the bitterness was so f*cking harsh because it came from a place of love. You understand me on that? We loved each other so much that when things go awry in a band, it’s like tripling down on negativity, man.”

Describing his feelings as “a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” Anselmo added:

“So, you all do me a favor, man – love each other while you can. Put all the squabbling and all the f*cking fighting and all the division… I’m sick of this sh*t; honestly, I’m tired of it. Be kind to each other. Everybody’s cool, man.”

Anselmo then praised Vinnie as “a brilliant guy” and an “incredible musician,” saying:

“Amazing musician, man, insane on the drums, and always brilliant with the gameplan. He had his sh*t together.

“Honestly, me, Dime and Rex [Brown] were drunk, and Vince would have his sh*t together. And he’d be driving, he’d be settling gigs, and we would be drunk.

“Thank goodness for Vince, man. He held sh*t together, man. He did.”