How to Select the Best Earphones


Earphones are part of our lives. We wear them listening to music on the public buses, working in a construction site, when on holiday, gaming, and watching movies. For most people, it is impossible to imagine life without earphones. However, selecting the best earphones can be challenging because of the long list of models on the market. Keep reading to learn how to select the best earphones.

Understand the Main Types of Earphones

Before you can set off buying earphones, it is important to understand that they fall into different categories. So, which one is the best for you?

  • In-ear earphones: Also referred to as ear buds, the in-ear earphones are designed to get into the ear canal when listening to music.
  • On-ear earphones: Also referred to as headphones, these earphones are designed with headbands that go over the head. When listening to music, headphones sit in the ears, pressing against the ears.
  • Over-ear headphones:  Instead of sitting on the ear, the way on-ear headphones work, over-ear earphones are large and come with round cups that go around the ears. So, they create some space between the speaker and the ear, making the sound feel like one is in a sort of live performance.
  • Wireless earphones: These earphones are designed to work without wire connection to your phone, tablet, or computer. Instead, they use Bluetooth signals, allowing you to work some distance from your devices.
Earphones and phone

How to Select the Best Earphones

Now that you know the main categories of earphones, how do you select the best to make listening to music, communication, or gaming more enjoyable? Here are the things to consider:

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is vital when looking for a pair of earphones. When we talk about comfort, it is not just the fine feeling when the headphones are worn briefly, but over long periods. So, wear the earphones for 20-30 minutes to correctly assess their comfort.  The size should be okay, fitting in the ear canal or sitting on the ears comfortably without causing undue pressure. If you prefer over-ear or on-ear earphones, they should not be heavy.


Most people want earphones that they can easily grab and comfortably travel or work with. If you want earphones to use during physical activity, go for the lightweight model designed for that purpose. However, the heavier closed-back earphones will be a better pick for studio work. To listen or work during transit, consider the fold up design that can easily be tossed into a backpack. Because they are large, most on-ear and over-ear designs require using a type of case.


No one wants to buy earphones today and head back to the shop again after a few weeks because they have failed. However, more durable and high-quality earphones tend to be heavier compared to the standard designs. The good thing is that technology is advancing fast, and it is now possible to get lightweight models that are of high quality. When still on durability, you need to check the following attributes:

  • If selecting in-ear or on-ear earphones, the hinges should be firmly done to reduce the risk of damage.
  • The cords should be flexible, strong, and durable.
  • Also, check for the availability of replacement parts. If the parts are easily available, you will not need to buy new earphones because one section is damaged or worn out. You simply replace the damaged parts.

Like most devices in life, the value you get from earphones largely depends on how you select them. So, make sure to understand why you want the earphones and follow the tips we have listed in the above post. For quality guarantee, make sure also to buy your earphones from top-rated manufacturers.