How Top Games Incorporate Heavy Metal to Boost Gameplay


Music has been proven to provide a pleasurable experience while gaming. Getting your brain simulated while gaming, especially during boss fights, is a thrill of its own. Heavy metal promotes a very different school of thought because of how specific of a fan group it favors. Let’s be honest, heavy metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but those who love it, stick with it.

We’re here today to talk about how games are so good these days in embedding heavy metal soundtracks with their gameplay and which titles have the best of these examples. Of course, many games out there demand a fresh supply of internet to keep the metal going. We recommend CenturyLink Internet deals that keep your heavy metal party going in the game with a lag-free experience. So get ready and head on over below to get into some solid head-banging.

Mood Boost

Imagine you’re playing a co-op title like Destiny 2. You head into the crucible and start playing competitive matches because you want a taste of the elusive Legend rank. But all the players you get against you are busy pummeling your butt with their top-ranking gear and sweaty gameplay. Meanwhile, all you have to keep you going is Lord Shaxx’s indomitable commentary.

Not the best of situations. Getting fed up with all the defeats, you put up some music. Specifically, heavy metal. Instantly you lean forward, owing to the competitive mode, and your brain syncs with the metal. Fast forward, you’re jumping, sliding, and blowing past enemies with sweaty hands to the beat of the music. It works so well that you’re an enthroned Legend in a day’s time.

FPS Gaming

Part of the reason why the original Doom game back in 1993 worked so well was that along with introducing FPS for the first time, there was also a thickly textured guitar bass running in the background. Surprisingly, this was exactly what players needed to get pumped up as they blew demons with their collection of arms.

It’s a fact that heavy metal concerts are jam-packed with fans who love head-banging, screaming at the top of their lungs, and displaying the rock and roll salute. That’s probably all that goes inside a gamer’s head when they’re blasting this music on their speakers when playing such a satisfying game like Doom.

Co-Op Gets Way Better

Imagine playing a four-player co-op game like Overcooked but with heavy metal. Pretty ”rad” right? It works too! Transform a cooking game that welcomes rage quits, sweaty hands, and incessant cursing with your friends by taking it to the next level with some tracks by the legendary Otep.

It’s one thing to be playing by yourself, stressfully, and another to be stressed out with friends while you all bang your heads to heavy metal music. Not to mention the game could be loads of fun this way. You’d probably still lose as the timer lets you down again but still be rocking out to metal and get back into it for round two.

Mosh-Pit Style Gaming

For the more nimble gamers out there, heavy metal acts as the perfect catalyst to speed up your in-game carnage. Consider you’re in a limited space with tons of zombies clambering in by the dozens and you’re suddenly tunnel-visioned because you have to survive. And at that anxiety-inducing, terribly beautiful moment the game starts hammering your senses with heavy metal music.

Wait, wait, this works! Your senses get dialed up to 100 and your brain goes into survival mode. Your feedbacks get super quick and the result translates into your controls. You become super engrossed in the game, get goosebumps and maybe even your eyes become slits. That’s exactly what the game developers want. Only then you truly start playing and realizing the game’s potential.

Music Games

Lastly, let’s delve into the games that actually promote gaming. Yes, we’re talking about the undisputed Guitar Hero. Granted it has lots of genres of music to choose from but rock music is special to this game. And why wouldn’t it be? Rock & roll, and metal are the true genres for instruments like the guitar. Gamers can enjoy banging their heads to the beat while also beating levels.

If you’re looking for a more modern version of this, then head on over to virtual reality and check out Beat Saber. The game gives you two swords, batons, sticks, and lightsabers that you can use to chop away at obstacles that come your way with the sway of the music. It’s pretty fun in the sense that if you know the song, you’ll have no problem clearing it.


Heavy Metal isn’t just screams and head bangs. There’s a lot more to it and games are here to showcase its enormous capability to transform people. The ecstatic aura that’s emanated from rock music shows is replicated inside games and we’re excited for you to try out some of the aforementioned titles for yourself. Rock on.