HOWLING WOLVES Are ‘As Above So Bellow’

HOWLING WOLVES from Berlin were formed 2014 after the disbanding of their prior Harcore Punk bands to continue their love for music. They released a Demo in 2015 followed by some local gigs. End of 2017 the Howling Wolves s/t 12“ was released and saw positive feedback in the scene and some great reviews. After playing and touring to support the record they started to write for the follow up.

In the beginning of 2021 they recorded what would become the “As Above So Below“ LP. The Howling Wolves’ sound on the new record is like a mix of 80s Metal guitar heaviness, 90s Grunge catchiness, on a Stoner Rock vibe transported with the urgency of Hardcore Punk. So figure out! We call it Sabbath Punk because it feels like a mix of Black Sabbath Hard Rock Metal and Hardcore Punk with a nice dose of melody. So basically a hybrid of everything nice and heavy.
“As Above So Below“ was recorded and mixed Jan/Feb 2021 at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin by Jan Oberg (Earth Ship/Grin/Slowshine) Independent from the actual pandemic s**t the songs deal with failure of humanity on all its levels.
Its about losing deadweight like unnescessary relationships or hiding from the outside world. There is a will for better living and new starts. But in the end its: F**k Them All, I will do it on my own.

Band Line-Up:
Felix Weckowski – Vocals
Gregor Nick – Guitars
Hannes Pfeifer – Bass
Riccardo Zander – Drums
Markus Rentsch – Guitars

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