H*RE Release ‘Siostry Wiedźmy’

H*RE are a relatively new music project created in 2018. For the last three years, the musicians were slowly preparing their debut material. Now, it’s time to reveal that the record, lasting over 30 minutes, is an amalgamation of post-black metal, avant-garde jazz, and film music. Inspired by old folk tales and writings of Słowacki, Mickiewicz, Broniewski, and Goethe, the album “Siostry Wiedźmy” (eng. “Sisters of the Witch”) is an original take on the subject. H*RE’s music is a rollercoaster of emotions. A mix of anxiety and idyll. Firmly rooted in the old Polish school of black metal, the band’s debut album corresponds with the works of Morowe, Furia, or Odraza but also compared with such avant-garde projects as Pan-Thy-Monium or Ophthalamia. The musicians, although experienced and from well-known bands, decided not to provide any personal details.

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