Huelga – Huelga

I don’t know about you guys, but I still keep being surprised by bands. As you know, it’s getting more and more difficult to be surprised in those days of total and free communication around the globe. Musical information is at hand of everybody. It’s never been so easy to access all kinds of Metal bands and, also, other genres. I guess Metal has never been so porous as it is these days. Moreover, there has never been so much exchange among Metal styles. I mean, bands are using all Metal influences to recreate their own personality. So, it’s getting more difficult to label them.

That’s exactly what Huelga do in their self-titled debut album adding generous dashes of jazz in their music. But don’t go thinking Huelga sounds jazzy. Jazz gives its contribution in the field of harmony and melodic construction. So some songs sound a bit, let’s say, strange. Besides all that, all three songs are instrumental making it easy to experiment. Note that most experimental acts are instrumental because it’s much easier to experiment with instrumental. Human voice has its limits.

“Huelga” kicks off with “Chinga de Perro” a track that uses lots of dissonances and guitar squeals. It’s also heavy with a fast drumming which isolated may make you think it’s a punk band. But, the complex songwriting gives no chance of that. It’s a pure piece of Metal music. The three tracks have their own personality. “No Word for Blue parts I and II” is the most experimental one. To untrained ears it sounds really weird due to the complicate and intricate melodic and harmonic construction. “The Very Marrow of Our Bones” is the heaviest with strong and aggressive guitar riffs to remind us and Huelga themselves that they are a Metal band implying to be heavy, of course.

Huelga “Huelga” was self-released on March 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. Chinga de Perro
  2. No Word for Blue parts I and II
  3. The Very Marrow of Our Bones