Hydraform – Hydraform

Again an EP with only three tracks. Can anybody explain me why bands are recording and realizng so many EPs? Is it a new trend? Or just sign of the times? Or the good old lack of money? Or are bands getting lazy in face of the moment?

Okay, then, here we have Hydraform with their self-titled debut album “Hydraform” following a long runner tradition of Metal. This EP has only three tracks with the average length of six minutes. But, damn it, it is so good! Again a band is proving me wrong and making me go out of my box or, even yet, get out of my comfort zone. In those three tracks, Hydraform travel around many Metal styles with an unseen competency and skill. A very well-perfomed album wiht the bonus of not being boring. Long story short, the three tracks have one simple thing in common though they are very different from each other. Their intro are always around Old School Metal sonance that changes as soon as the song properly said starts. I guess it’s what they today as hook. I’m not exactly aware of those namings. A very clever plot twist because it takes Old School Metal fans by the heart and prepares them to listen to something new using catchy riffing and intricate and complex guitar licks. The cadence is not fast, but with a real touch of grooving, again, with the bonus of not getting boring. Yeah, songs that are too groovy are boring because they keep repeating that groove and it takes a lot from the fan.

Hydraform  also incorporate some Metalcore vocals in their songs and, – voilà guess what, who would ever think that I would like them so much? – and the usual duets bands are doing these days. I keep saying that the problem isn’t exactly what the badn does, but how it does it. “Hydraform” nails it and pleases the Metal fan of those unorthodox styles of Metal. The band hit bulls eye! But not only, as I said the album has many elements that catch Old School Metal fans as well. This is a chance to proove that with a little more effort on creativity – not so much indeed – a band is able to per form miracles. “Born of the Sea,” “Chained” and “Parasite” are great examples of how a band can do that something different that everybodu talks about using old and well-known features. as I keep on saying Metal evolves, and evolves fast and decisevely.

Hydraform “Hydraform” will be self-released on June 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Born of the Sea
  2. Chained
  3. Parasite