Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

 When it comes to taking the more extreme and badass end of metal and making it more melodic and rhythmic, there’s really no gray area with the result for each person. There’s either they like it or they don’t, and that’s simply because some bands tend to have an imbalance when trying to figure out how much intensity their metal should have to it and then how melodic they want it. Relatively few bands can actually do it properly and even those bands took a few albums to truly get their sound down to where it’s nothing short of applause worthy. But nailing it on your very first album? Unheard of in the world of melodic black metal, but yet that’s exactly what Hyperion has done with their debut album of “Seraphical Euphony”. This entire near hour long record is one of those pieces that one you begin to listen to its contents and behold what excellence and majesty the band have to offer, you simply can’t stop. Hyperion doesn’t take a single moment in any of its nine tracks to divert from its epic sound and a massive sense of grandeur to really make “Seraphical Euphony” an album that you aren’t going to forget anytime in soon. The riffs and melodies that are thrown around with this album are the stuff that legends build upon, and it’s the fact that Hyperion managed to blow just about everyone who heard this piece away goes to show that they just aren’t some fad of a band that has only a few people talking highly about them. No, these guys are the real f**king deal and all they need as proof is “Seraphical Euphony” in all of its Swedish glory. Should you want to hear an album that so many have already been raving about but for some reason, you’re super lazy like me and haven’t heard it yet, take the time to listen to this record. I can just about promise you won’t be disappointed with what you hear.

You can purchase “Seraphical Euphony” via iTunes here, and stream it in full on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Remnants of the Fallen
  2. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  3. Flagellum Dei
  4. Seraphical Euphony
  5. Moral Evasion
  6. Primal Cosmic Ascendancy
  7. Zephyr of Grace
  8. Empyrean Yearning
  9. Blood of the Ancients