Iapetus – The Long Road Home

Boys and girls, here lies in front of us one of the most awesome albums of this year. Iapetus with “The Long Road Home” did a breathtaking piece in all meanings because I would never thought  it would be possible to write such an epic death metal effort. “The Long Road Home” is grandious. Melody and aggression walk together hand by hand in a precise mix. Instrumentals are vigorous, but also kind. “The Long Road Home” is a piece of many moments. Each one accurately crafted.

Let’s begin the analysis by the art cover. It’s rare I bother about art covers, but this one kind of represents completely “The Long Road Home” musical intent. I’m not an art critic, and I really don’t want to be one, but “The Long Road Home” art cover is really meaningful. It’s just a woman in the void. And both represents home. Both represents where we all came from. Matter and spirit.

Most people think metalheads are bubbleheads. What I feel for them a deep disdain. They swim in shallow waters. Efforts like Iapetus “The Long Road Home” is the living proof that metal is also made for thinking, for reasoning. Iapetus “The Long Road Home” contains one hour and fifteen minutes of pure delight. Each song of the nine contained in “The Long Road Home” tells a story. Iapetus are of a very complex writing. The word grandious doesn’t express completely all the granditude of “The Long Road Home.” I couldn’t avoid to compare with what I think is the best comparison possible. I mean Metallica’s “…And Justice For All.” Such eloquent guitar riffs are impossible to find anywhere else.

It’s not possible either to feel all the magnitude of the energy contained  in “The Long Road Home.” Not only power, but feeling.  “The Long Road Home” takes you somewhere else far from this sad and lonely world. “The Long Road Home” takes you to the void. There is where you can find whatever you want. Musically speaking you can find everything you want in “The Long Road Home.” From the most beautiful classical guitar tunes to the most horrofying vocals. From the slowest cadence to to the fastest and powerfull rhythms. We’re talking about an effort that I consider complete. One can listen “The Long Road Home” for many times and, even though, won’t get all the subtlety it offers. I’ve been there. I heard “The Long Road Home” many times to write this review. Each one was a surprise.

It’s acts like Iapetus and “The Long Road Home” that make us proud of being metalheads. There’s nothing else to say.

Track Listing:

  1. Nomads
  2. …Of Hangmen & Vertebrae
  3. Lachrymae Rerum
  4. I Sing Of Satellites
  5. Savior Solitude
  6. My Father, My God
  7. Crown Of Stars
  8. Eviscerate Divine
  9. The Long Road Home

You can find Iapetus “The Long Road Home” at Bandcamp here.

You can listen to the song “The Long Road Home” here: