IBANEZ Presents 7-String Fretted AND Fretless Bass

That’s exactly what you read: a 7-string bass where 4 are fretted and 3 are fretless. Weird, huh? According to Steve DiGiorgio it is weird. Read what he has to say:

“I tried to play this bass. It’s very alien, no one can master it first try. Besides the obvious aesthetic, it also requires a major brain twist. Which is also a credit to Franck for shredding on it in this demo from Ibanez Guitars.”

Ibanez SRAS7 Specs:

Neck type: SRAS7 7pc Maple/Purpleheart/Rosewood neck
Body: Poplar Burl/Ash top/Mahogany body
Fretboard: Purpleheart fretboard (fretless)/Rosewood fretboard (fretted)
Fret: Fretless (7th to 5th string)/Medium frets (4th to 1st string)
Number of frets: 22
Bridge: AeroSilk Mono-rail V bridge (fretless)/Mono-rail V bridge (fretted) (16mm string spacing)
Neck pickup: SRAS Super J neck pickup (fretted) (Passive)
Bridge pickup: SRAS Super J bridge pickup (fretted) (Passive)
Equaliser: Ibanez 2-band EQ (fretted)
Factory tuning: 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E, 5G, 6D, 7A
String gauge: .045/.065/.085/.105/.045/.065/.080
String: Flatwound strings (fretless)/Roundwound strings (fretted)
Hardware color: Black matte

The videos below explain it better – or not: