Ichor – Hadal Ascending

One of the laws of the universe is the law of movement. Movement in Philosophy means change. So, it means that everything must be in movement, everything must change in order to evolve. All things in this sad and lonely world are under this simple law. So is music, and so is Metal. From the very first notes of bands like Black Sabbath, Coven, and others to the most modern Metal bands, a lot of things happened. Metal, which was the proud pariah and a genre of rock, has split in various subgenres. And those subgenres are still mutating. That’s what one feels while listening to Ichor “Hadal Ascending” which is taking Death/Black Metal to another level.

First track “Paradise or Perdition” tells a lot about the band. First of all, Ichor don’t care about following the formula of high speed velocity. On the contrary, most songs in are “Hadal Ascending” slow or cadenced. One who doesn’t pay close attention would label Ichor as doom metallers. But that would be a blatant mistake. Following track “Tales from the Depth” has the same slow cadence, but drummer Dirk offers us astonishing blast beats in their slower versions. Not really that, because the drums are uptempo sometimes. Ichor use a simple case of polyrhythms when the band use two or more conflicting rhythms or the so-called cross-rhythm. As I said before, its getting more complex to play Metal these days. These polyrhythms allow a Death Metal band to add more chaos to their music because the way they use it, there is a confusion of tempos and cadences bringing the aforementioned chaos.

Pay close attention to the drums and guitars “In Ecstasy.” See how thew cross rhythms and play in different tempos. That’s it what I’m telling you. Things are changing fast in the world of Metal music. I have no doubt about it. “Hadal Ascending” proves it. Be ready, my child of the night. Ichor and “Hadal Ascending” are coming for you. Ichor should give drummer Dirk a prize for everything he does here. Only a suggestion…

Ichor “Hadal Ascending” will be released on December 07th via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

Track Listing:

  1. Paradise or Perdition
  2. Tales from the Depths
  3. Black Incantation
  4. In Ecstasy
  5. A Glowing in the Dark
  6. Black Dragons
  7. Architect of the Portal
  8. The March
  9. Children of the Sea
  10. Conquering the Stars

Watch “Tales from the Depths” official video here: