Ignis Haereticum – Luciferian Gnosis


Every now and then an album comes along that literally knocks us out. This is Black Metal the way it should be, raw yet accessible, Ignis Haereticum’s Luciferian Gnosis is as emotional and atmospheric as it is unnerving and downright filthy. The use of melody is genius as everything is washed away in a sea of dissonance and anger. This recording conjures forth the sensation of becoming astray in eternal night, slowly choked by death in the thickest fog.

The production is fitting with the heaviness and atmosphere of the songs resulting in the achieval of certain lucidity and gripping power. This exists within the minority of all recordings that seem to ‘come to life’ every time they are played as a tangibly clear emanation of ancient darkness is emitted from the speakers.

This album lives and breathes and Ignis Haereticum will hex your life! Now available as a Digi CD through their label Goathorned Productions https://www.goathorned.com

Luciferian Gnosis Tracklisting:
1. Sub Tuum Praesidium
2. Mysterium Fidei
3. Ad Serpentem Tortuosum
4. Luciferian Gnosis
5. Sekhem-Hra Apep
6. De Sphinge Revelationem Mysterii
7. Exercitatus Spiritualium
8. Sic Luceat Lux Vestra!