IHSAHN Issues Update On His Project With TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY

Matt Heafy Ihsahn

EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn has posted a message on Instagram, addressing the experimental black-metal side project of TRIVIUM frontman Matt HeafyMRITYU.

Ihsahn wrote: “It’s #mrityumonday and me and @matthewkheafy have been tracking some killer vocals in @cubase.pro through #vstconnectpro by @steinbergmedia! The current situation prevents us from traveling, but with this technology it is almost like we’re in the same studio. Matt is absolutely killing it and we’re making great progress every session!! #mrityu #newmusic”

In a 2015 interview with Revolver Magazine, Heafy said about the project: “MRITYU was initially intended to be a black metal band that I was never going to tell anybody I was in. I was going to make the music, and it was going to be pretty true to the ’90s second wave-style-black metal – sort of like DARKTHRONE, early DIMMU BORGIR, early EMPEROR. While MRITYU has its roots in black metal, it’s become something so much more. It’s not just black metal – it’s anything I’ve ever wanted to try.”