II and Lihhamon – Miasmal Coronation

The first that comes to my mind listening to this “Miasmal Coronation” is honesty. It is really an effort that throws honesty wherever.

This “Miasmal Coronation” is a split album from II and Lihhamon.  There are seven tracks in “Miasmal Coronation.” The first four belong to II and Lihhamon get the last other three. The bands differ a lot from each and the only thing they have in commom is that they are both extreme metal. II are a straight ahead bloody pure death metal band. Lihhamon are more grindocore stuff.

Bottomline, “Miasmal Coronation” is for true extreme metal fans. The ones who are looking for songs with no concessions at all to any kind of melodic whatever. Both bands are straight ahead. That is why I told before that the first word that came to my mind was honesty. Very few bands go through this track. I, myself, prefer a bit more of melody, but sometimes you are in the mood for something more cruel. That is exactly what “Miasmal Coronation” gives to you. The two bands provide whatever it is of savage, cruel and abhorrent in terms of music. Nothing less than that. It is the perfect album to bother your neighbor, or anyone that makes you listen to some pop whatever bs. Listen it the louder you can!

Track Listing:

  1.  I I – Indoctrination Of Deaths Command
  2. I I – Weltenfresser
  3. I I – Miasmal Execration
  4. I I – Vidargängr
  5. LIHHAMON – Zelot (Splendour of Terror)
  6. LIHHAMON – Inferno (Decimation Doctrine)
  7. LIHHAMON – Chasma (Deathstrike Coronation)

“Miasmal Coronation” was released on November 24th, 2017 via Ván Records.

Two bands, two videos:

Here for II:


And here for Lihhamon: