I I And LINHAMON Work Together In “Miasmal Coronation”

Two of the most outrageous entities of Leipzig’s underground join forces to celebrate death on their upcoming split release entitled “Miasmal Coronation.”
With four new abominations of I I and three new abhorrences of Lihhamon, this split EP contains savage drumming, frenetic riffs and voices from beyond the grave that tie a mix of rotten Death Metal and bestial Black Metal. After the recordings where done by Ariditas Studio a tormenting sound was forged through the outstanding work of Temple Of Disharmony where all tracks have been mastered and the songs of I I have been mixed. Combined with the outstanding and horrifying artwork crafted by Horrid Habits visualizing the lyrical concepts of both bands, fires of ecstasy will be enlightened to strike fear and terror into people’s hearts.
“…the quest for redemption equals failure//coronate and kneel!”