Ilium – Quantum Evolution Event Review

“Quantum Evolution Event” is the typical album that I love to listen but suffer to write about. I really don’t what happens. Maybe it’s because I think Power Metal is a bit predictable. For predictable I mean that I’ve heard the same features for so many times that I can tell what’s going next. That’s it. It’s not that I don’t like it. I really do, but to me writing about the unexpected is easier. It teases my mind more than the expected or known. Hmm, and of course there is the thing about being an EP. I have a thing about EPs as I said many times here. I guess they are sometimes too short for me to pass a judgement – that’s what I’m here to, isn’t it? I’m here to give my opinion.

Ok, then. Facing all this I have to look for something out of the music to write about Ilium and “Quantum Evolution Event.” So, I go to the press release and there I find that there is an Adam Smith in the band. Sorry, I might have never said about it but I’m an economist and this name rings all the bells in my mind – hahahahahahahaha. Just don’t know if he does the needles or sharpen them. Nah, so needless to say that.

The music in “Quantum Evolution Event” is what is expected from a Melodic Power Metal band. Ok, remember? I like it. The highlight of the album are the twin guitars and the phrases. I just loved them. From the beginning they are atracting us to Ilium music with tittle track “Quantum Evolution Event” which, by the way, is about a theme that sci-fi fans will love. Also the vocal melodies of “Tsetse” are incredible. Right on Helloween verve. “Undergods” comes with fantastic guitar duso as well. Have I said the twin guitars are a highlight of the album? I have, but it doesn’t matter at all. Good things have to be reinforced all the time. Not so difficult to find the right words, wasnt it?

Ilium “Quantum Evolution Event” was released on January 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. Quantum Evolution Event
  2. Tsetse
  3. Undergods
  4. Hostile Sky
  5. Mothcaste

Watch “Quantum Evolution Event” official lyric video here: