Illum Adora – Son Of Dawn

Son of Daillum-adora wn” is the first album of the Illum Adora. It presents us only four tracks, which gives that taste of wanting some more. Although on the road since 2011, their first album has come to dawn only now. And yet, their first gig will be taking place in November. One week later Illum Adora will be supporting bands like Behexen, Front Beast, Sacrilegium and Denial of God at the “Sinister Howling” Festival. I suppose it’s a very good start, isn’t it?

At first I must say that I’m not a black metal guy. But I have an open mind and certainly I’m open to good music. That’s what Illum Adora does indeed with “Son of Dawn”!

Musically speaking, the highlight of this work is the drumming. It’s been such a while I don’t see one so creative and technical. He goes easily from fast drumming tempos to slow syncopated ones. It’s never easy to do that. Impossible not to compare to Slayer’s Dave Lombardo. Of course, the songwriting helps a lot. And it’s very well done.

The guitars also deserve a highlight. Instead of many other bands, which seem to like opaque and dark tones, their guitar lines are clear and vivid. You can feel the touch of the pioneer black metal bands from 1980s , although the band prefers to refer as 1990s black metal bands as its biggest influence. “Eyes of the Scythe Wielder” is a good example of the punk punch the band gets. Most people don’t know, but most black metal bands from the 1980s were very near to punk rock.

You can check “Eyes of the Scythe Wielder” here:

Track listing:

  1. Son of Dawn
  2. Eyes of the Scythe Wielder
  3. In Hideous Blasphemy
  4. The Suffering of Affliction