Imblut – Mummifying Moments Review

It really took me a while to figure out whose voice Imblut’s Emerson Malkovski reminded me of. Pantera’s Phil Anselmo? No. Venom’s Chronos? Nah, nah. Far, too far. Well, after some in mind discussion and some deliberation – and four full album listenings in two days – I finally got it. It’s Slayer’s Tom Araya. Bull’s eye. I love when that happens. When I’m able to figure that out.

Musicwise, “Mummifying Moments” doesn’t address much to Slayer. For starters it’s much slower. I almost thought they were a Doom Metal band, but trhen I read the press release – what a good thing is to read press releases. It saves the reviewer a lot of troubles. It’s not that I won’t make others. Also the guitars don’t have the same overtone and they have a prone to use lots of guitar squeaks. But it was fun to listen to a band that could stand our from the crowd. Imblut’s music is different for all those reasons I told before. Plus the dark and somber mood each track passes the fan. This debut album has carefully made its entrance into the world of Metal music. Album opener and tittle track “Mummifying Moments” comes after intro “On the Way…” whose stapler is the hardcore grip and violence. Its almost martial cadence gives that impression. Hardcore vocals with Death Metal instrumentals. Here is where the band addresses to Pantera. I mean the intent. It also surprises the absolute lack of guitar solos. I mean, there are but they are almost all guitar squeaks and other effects dilluted in the tracks. It’s the Hardcore intent talking louder. Interestingly, vocals are that kind of gives the impression that they are talked and not sang. Cirith Ungol’s Tim Baker used to do this. Following track “The Chances Do Not Echo” gives this hard impression. By the way, “Mummifying Moments” is a nice tittle for an album. It sounds interesting though the meaning isn’t that clear. One thing is for sure, you’re going to be stuck to the album. And don’t expect ballads here.

This was the kind of album that me a while to figure it out. I have my own way of exploring albums. I’ve got to digest them totally in order to know what to write. Let’s wait anxiously for some more.

Imblut “Mummifying Moments” was independentely released on February.

Track Listing:

  1. On the Way…
  2. Mummifying Moments
  3. The Chances Do Not Echo
  4. Chaos Serpents
  5. Reverse of the Real
  6. …For Balance
  7. Spiritual Ecstasy

Watch “Mummifying Moments” official music video: