IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Unveils Music Video For ‘Phobia’

Immortal Guardian

Progressive/power metal quartet, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN has unveiled a music video for “Phobia,” the latest single from their acclaimed new concept album Psychosomatic. The clip, a narrative video that ties into the record’s pandemic-inspired theme, can be seen below.

The video for “Phobia” – which features a guest guitar solo by ANGRA’s Marcelo Barbosa – is the band’s latest examination of the events that changed the world in 2020, which drove the overall creative process and production of Psychosomatic. “As the pandemic first began, one thing that we saw happening to everyone — including ourselves — was an introduction of new phobias,” says keyboardist/guitarist Gabriel Guardian. “I started becoming scared of things that I used to like or not be scared of. Even just the thought of being in a crowd has a whole new meaning and feeling to it. Is it a phobia? Will we have to learn to deal with them, or will they go away when the pandemic is over? This song touches on the topics of these new phobias.”

Notably, the filming of “Phobia” was affected by the very real events of the outside world, as bassist/engineer Joshua Lopez and his wife contracted COVID-19 in January. Lopez recorded his parts for the music video while he was still in quarantine inside his home in the band’s native Texas. Luckily, both Joshua and his wife were able to recover after suffering only mild symptoms. The video also saw drummer Justin Piedimonte contributing from his home in Montreal, Canada, and Gabriel Guardian recording his parts in his new home of Las Vegas alongside vocalist Carlos Zema, who recently relocated from his native Brazil after staying in lockdown for many months.

Phobia” showcases Zema‘s high-flying vocals and Gabriel Guardian’s dizzying abilities to play guitar and keyboard simultaneously. Guardian has shown off this unbelievable dexterity on MTV‘s “Amazingness,” and his unique dual-instrument covers of classics by the likes of IRON MAIDEN, PANTERA and GUNS N’ ROSES have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.