Imperial Age – New World Review

It’s not everyday that we here have the opportunity to get a game changer band. A band that really shows its will to stand out from the crowd with a bold musical proposal. Moreover, depending on the Metal subgenre is even more difficult to get some fresh air. What do I mean by fresh air? In fact, not much. I know it’s getting hard to be exactly new. I don’t demand that from the bands I review. To some extent, I don’t even expect much of a change that because I don’t believe, as I have been saying a lot, in change for the change’s sake. What I mean is to feel the passion for the music. The spark that comes from the player while listening to the music. The power and the glory to the genre we all love. Imperial Age with “New World” pass all these to the lucky Metal fan who listens to their album.

Musicwise, “New World” is a combination of many features common to Symphonic Mteal with the plus of two very talented voices who share vocals all the time and sometimes together. This is exactly the first thing that will pop up the eye of my dear child of the night. Vocals here are neat, so neat. Another very important detail is that vocals here aren’t simply that contrasting male/female voices. One harsh, the other gentle and sweet.

“New World” is imponent as it can be seen by tracks as the eighteen minute “Call of the Tower” where the Symphonic overpowers the Metal, but with class and style. On the opposite direction of all the album, here the loud and clear guitars are a bit shy. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not here. It was just an option to make the track more imponent. And it really is. The perfect grand finale for an album like “New World” is. The track also delivers a perfect travel throught Metal and other Rock sonancies as the Prog Rock driven keyboards from the tenth minute. I strongly recommend my dear fan to commence the fruition by it. The track is a kind of sample of all Imperial Age deliver as a band. So is “Windborn” that welcomes the fan with the loud, clear, strong thick guitars which are the stapler of the album I’ve talked about. That’s another thing that calls the attention of my dear child of the night, the power of the guitars. As metalheads, that’s the thing we appreciate the most. Vocals here are shared by both vocalists all the time. The effect is pretty awesome, if you know what I’m saying. Both tracks, I guess, explain the album in a whole.

Imperial Age “New World” was released in 2022.

Track Listing:

  1. Windborn
  2. Legend Of The Free
  3. The Way Is the Aim
  4. Shackles of Gold
  5. The Wheel
  6. To the Edge of the Known
  7. Distant Shores
  8. Call Of The Towers

Watch “Shackles of Gold” official music video here: