IMPIETY ‘Versus All Gods’

Finally unleashed: ‘Versus All Gods’ – the anticipated 9th full armageddon manifesto from Asia’s most notorious Godz of War IMPIETY! 10 tracks of uncompromising, lightning fast Black Death Metal savagery that mocks and scorns mankind, spits fire and fury unto the face of useless deities, and bludgeons pathetic civilisation to dust! Nothing is spared! The Grand Kovenant of Kaos of 30 long and brutal years, exalts IMPIETY second  to none when it comes to their metal to the bone attitude, diehard dedication to the unholy art of desecration, long and hard touring destroying continents across the planet! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in Bialystok, Poland at Hertz with both Wojtek & Slawek Wieslawski , Hellustration by the infamous Jenglot Hitam. Guest appearances by Wenceslas Carrieu (Necrowretch) and Henriette Bordvik (Abyssic).

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