IMPLORE ‘The Burden of Existence’

The Burden of Existence’ is the highly anticipated new album from Implore, and the follow up record to 2019s ‘Alienated Despair’ (Century Media). Their fresh mix of all extreme styles including punk, death metal and hardcore are on full display on the new LP, but this record also sees the band diving head first into new musical territory. The band have by no means lost their edge with the inclusion of new musical styles, but have just added more weapons to their arsenal. This is particularly prominent on tracks such as ‘Love Will Gradually Perish,’ where their clever use of light and shade helps deliver their message of desperation. This album is set to send the band to new heights whilst keeping their loyal fans happy.

Implore were formed in 2013 and has been an unrelenting touring act ever since, sharing the stage with bands of legendary status such as Rotten Sound, Eyehategod and Exhumed to name a few. They’ve also been a frequent name on the Summer touring circuit, performing at prestigious festivals such as Wacken, Summer Breeze and Resurrection Festival. The band show no intention of slowing down and are intent on taking this new album to the masses. Jump on the wagon or get rolled over.

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