In A New Video ROBB FLYNN Denies MACHINE HEAD Will Cease Activities

Due to all the repercussion to his late video about two members quitting Machine Head and the farewell tour, Machine Head’s Robb Flynn posted a new video trying to say that it was just a misunderstanding. The problem is that the video stops abruptly leaving all of us with a question mark face. He also wrote that:

“I’ve been getting a lot of texts based on the video that I did earlier today on Facebook Live, and I just wanted to clarify that this is the farewell tour of this lineup; this era of Machine Head. This is not the farewell tour of Machine Head. It’s been a very emotional 48 hours, and I very well could have said that weird on Facebook Live – or not as good as I could have. And while the future of Machine Head is uncertain…”

Check the video here: