In Flames – Foregone Review

In Flames ForegoneIn Flames and October Tide are the bands that arose my passion for the so called Melodic Death Metal. To some extent they are also responsible for introducing to the world of the more extreme and dark side of Metal music. Also they are responsible for introducing to the world of the more melodic and controversial verve of Metal music. It’s not unimportant. Melodic Death Metal is the original contrast maker I fell in love about Metal music. It’s the subgenre in Metal that brings the most contrasts in songwriting and emotion. I like this band so much that I have some of their albums. Wow, that means a lot nowadays, don’t you agree my dear child of the night? However, unfortunately, until today I have never had the opportunity to review an album of theirs. This shall be corrected just now.

I have in my hands In Flames newest release “Foregone” and it’s the 14th album of the band after a four year hiatus. It also is the first album by the band to feature guitarist Chris Broderick who replaced Niclas Engelin. Musicwise, “Foregone” is a kind of return to the good old In Flames sonancy. At least to the sonancy I’m used to listening to their albums as 1996’s “The Jester Raceor 2000’s “Clayman,” to me their masterpieces. Album welcomer “The Beginning of All Things That Will End” follows the band’s tradition of writing a more classical music inspired track with acoustic guitars. The band used to do that in many albums. Fun fact is that I can’t see too many classical influences in their music. “The Beginning of All Things That Will End” is followed by “State of Slow Decay” a track that won’t disappoint the loyal fans of the band. Nor the new, nor the old. Of course, here and their there are tracks as “A Dialogue In b Flat Minor” which has that near pop grip. Following track “Cynosure” has also a peculiar grip that isn’t exactly related to a pop approach. Well, at least I don’t consider it. Great bass lines though. The grand finale “End the Transmission” is pure In Flames whatever this may mean these days. Muscular guitars with a more modern kind of vocals brought from the cores.

“Foregone’s” intent is to satisfy both new and old fans. It’s fair to say that the album does a pretty good job about that. The things In Flames do for their fans. Or not.

In Flames “Foregone” will be released on February 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Beginning of All Things That Will End
  2. State of Slow Decay
  3. Meet Your Maker
  4. Bleeding Out
  5. Foregone Pt. 1
  6. Foregone Pt. 2
  7. Pure Light of Mind
  8. The Great Deceiver
  9. In the Dark
  10. A Dialogue In b Flat Minor
  11. Cynosure
  12. End the Transmission

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