IN FLAMES Singer: What I Learned From Touring With SLAYER

In Flames

In a recent interview with Pure Grain Audio, IN FLAMES vocalist Anders Friden was asked on what he learned from touring with another band in the past.

He replied:

“The first time we toured with Slayer, how they approach their show and their audience.

“‘Cause their audience is quite demanding and they want a certain era of the band. Even though they release new albums, it seems like their fans could be stuck in certain times or whatever.

“But Slayer were treating their fans with so much respect, just getting out there, just hammering it down, even if it was a new song or an older song.

“And that attitude… that’s what I try to do with my stuff as well – ’cause people pay money to go and see you. No matter how you feel before the show, don’t bring that on to your fans on stage.

“You should give them all. And I think that’s an amazing approach, and that’s something I wanna do as well.”