In Twilight’s Embrace – Lawa

To me, as a reviewer, the more weird the music of a band is, the easier I write the review. Just because I have much more to say, and, just in case you haven’t noticed yet, we, metalheads, are the weirdos. And weird is the nicest word they generally choose for us. I’ve heard worst. By the way, have you ever wondered how weird was Black Sabbath’s music in the end of the 1960s? Once a critic – I won’t say the name – said that they were neanderthals with modern musical instruments, another said that “Black Sabbath” was the soundtrack of terrible B movie. Enough? To laymen, I mean poppers, heavy music is still weird, heavy metallers are the weirdos ones, those hair of yours… Somebody should do something… You know the drill, come on.

It’s not that In Twilight’s Embrace and “Lawa” are that weird, they are only a bit far from the standard, and that’s cool. The beginning of it with “Zaklcie” is full of what is allegedly a talk in a mass, or something like that. If one’s ever expected a Black Metal mass of sound, you got terribly wrong. It is a smooth, near rock, track with some strange lyrics. Strange because they repeat the chorus, or what’s supposed to be a chorus, all the time. And you know what; it’s got great. Following track “Dzi wzywaj mnie podziemia” is a bit more standard, heavy and bonecrushing. Some nice and creative guitar solutions and interventions, though. Lots of tempo up and downs. So goes the rest of “Lawa” with lots of tempo up and downs and many plot twists. An album critics would love if they liked Metal.

The interesting with In Twilight’s Embrace is that they look for some innovative harmonic progressions. Their songs try to go far from the standard, and that’s very healthy. Really healthy, I must say.

In Twilight’s Embrace “Lawa” was realised on November 01st via Left Hand Sounds.

Track Listing:

  1. Zaklęcie (The Spell)
  2. Dziś wzywają mnie podziemia (The Netherworlds Beckon Me Today)
  3. Krew (Blood)
  4. Pełen czerni (Blackfilled)
  5. Ile trwa czas (How Long Does Time Last)
  6. Żywi nieumarli (Alive Undead)

Watch “Pełen czerni” official video here: