Our nation is like lava. On the top it is hard and hideous, but its internal fire cannot be extinguished even in one hundred years of coldness. So let’s spit on the crust and go down, to the profundity!”

(taken from “Dziady” by Adam Mickiewicz)

In the evening of All Saints’ Day, we are one with our Dead. To honor them and to communicate with the netherworlds, IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE unleash “Lawa,” a work of music and word meant to mark the significance of this very day in the culture of their homeland. Sung entirely in Polish, “Lawa” captures what they think is the essence of the Polish spirit: a boiling mixture of insane passion, belief in the supernatural, death worship and dwelling on the past. Drawing inspiration from both the famous poetic drama “Dziady” (“Forefathers’ Eve”) by Adam Mickiewicz and its psychedelic movie rendition “Lawa” (1989) by Tadeusz Konwicki, the new work of IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE is the proof that romantic traditions are still the cornerstone of Poland’s DNA and cultural paradigm. For better or worse. Or bitter, if you will.
Released a year after the lauded fourth full-length “Vanitas” (Arachnophobia Records), “Lawa” is yet another step
into the sonic netherworld of Metal Śmierci, a rift between the fundamental principles of black and death metal, yet this time taken even further, into more atmospheric, idiosyncratic and surreal directions. It’s like an exorcism, during which the spirits are unbound into a November night and dance among the living. Come, join the celebration of the weird!

* Recorded and mixed by Marcin Rybicki at Vintage Records and Left Hand Sounds
* Mastered by Michał Kupicz
* Cover artwork and layout: Mateusz Holak

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