INCITE Reveals Music Video For ‘Mental Destruction’

Incite Band
Photo credit: Oleg Bogdan

The time has finally come and Arizona thrash metallers INCITE have released their new album “Wake Up Dead” today! Forged from blood and sweat, this new release combines the greatest strengths of extreme metal. INCITE jettison the extraneous bloat of slicker bands in favor of authentic grit and determination.

The very spirit of heavy music culture, and attitude, courses through the veins of singer Richie Cavalera, guitarist Eli Santana, bassist Christopher “EL” Elsten, and drummer Lennon Lopez. Across five full-length albums and a handful of EPs, the Arizona powerhouse declared war on injustice, wealth inequality, and a bevy of similar societal ills with focused rage and violent intent and now the wait is finally over and you can order Wake Up Dead as digipak, black LP and strictly limited purple+black marbled LP here.

Singer Richie Cavalera comments: “After a year and half wait to unleash this beast, Wake Up Dead is here! We’re all so proud of this record, the new songs kill, the old classics show everyone where we’ve come from musically, and the artwork absolutely slays lives. We’ve become part of an insane new team, and we’re all ready for the world to enjoy the hard work, and sacrifice we all have put into this album. Can’t wait to play it live for you metalheads real soon. Hella metal forever!”

The band has also released a new music video directed by Vicente Cordero.

“Metalheads, we give you ‘Mental Destruction’ — it’s a new vibe for us musically”, Richie adds. “It’s heavy, it has acoustic guitar, and an insane video. It’s about the collapse of one’s mental state and not doing anything or caring to change it. We all have the power to change who we are for the better, we just have to make it happen. This is a huge song for us on every level and shows the new boundaries we’re pushing with the band. Headbang your a*ses off!!!”