Incredible Video Slots for Iconic Music Bands and Rock Stars

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One’s favorite game and the music track are the best combinations. Many gamblers are well-versed in music. Therefore, they are happy to plunge into the wonderful world of their favorite rock bands. The creators of online casinos offer exciting video slots for music lovers. Playing in an online casino, you can enjoy your favorite sounds, hear tracks from box office blockbusters, and earn extra money.

Fans can live the life of their favorite band or singer excitingly. They can play video slots based on iconic music groups. The world’s best video slot developers have presented gamblers with dozens of slots based on famous and cult bands and singers: Elvis, Osbourne, Guns N’Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and others. Everyone can find a game to their liking.

Complete Music Quizzes and Earn

Many online casinos offer video slots based on famous top bands and pop stars. It is a great way to test your skills in knowing the history of bands and tracks, the personality of an idol, musical trends, the achievements of singers, the world of talent, and musical groups. Music lovers and many gamblers can appreciate such stories and choose the best online pokies for themselves.

However, video slots will give you another opportunity to increase your budget. Excellent graphics, dynamic music, and an exciting storyline are the best components to spend your free time with interest.

Features of the Musical Theme

Music-themed slot machines are conventionally divided into two categories:

  1. dedicated to a specific genre of music (rock, jazz, rock, and roll). Such devices usually include symbols designed in the appropriate style: musical instruments, notes, and records;
  2. those with a plot about rock or pop stars. They often contain symbols in the form of faces and figures of members of a popular group, singers, or musicians.

The majority of music slots contain five game reels. The most valuable symbol in them is often the main character or the corporate logo with the game’s name. A distinctive feature of all gambling machines about music is the presence of many thematic bonuses.

Ozzy Osbourne

Legendary Ozzy

Most gamblers and connoisseurs of cult music recognize NetEnt’s Ozzy Osbourne video slot as the best in this list. To whom it is dedicated is evident from the name. The Prince of Darkness has long since gained the status of a legend. There are many legends about his personality, life, and group. It is difficult to determine which of these is just fiction and which is true.

The Ozzy Osbourne slot machine was announced long before its release, and Ozzy’s fans were looking forward to the model’s release. Now we can safely say that the slot has surpassed the wildest expectations. After the release, gamblers could appreciate the game’s main advantages: cool bonuses, additional payouts, icons in the form of Ozzy, other members of the group and family, scatter, wild, permanent upgrades, and other options. Hurry up to test the slot. You can play it for free and even without registration.

Rock Your Metal

Even heavy metal fans will not be left out – Play’n GO released Testament online slot – a video slot about the best metal band. It has been popular for over a decade and will not slow down. The developers themselves are real fans of the gang. All details, sound, and icons are made with high quality, bright, and attractive.

At first glance, it is a traditional video slot with five reels, symbols, and several ways to form combinations. But in reality, we are dealing with a very unusual game. The initial bonus rounds amaze even experienced gamblers. Free spins have three varieties and prize options. The reels gradually increase, which increases the chance of winning.

Elvis Live!

Online video game dedicated to the legend of rock and roll, or his father – Elvis Presley. This man introduced the world to a new musical genre and infected millions of fans worldwide. One of the world’s most popular quest manufacturers decided to put pressure on the sentimentality of Elvis fans and make a game about him. The game’s plot is simple but lets you touch the singer’s talent a little. The peculiarity of the quest is a good, beautiful, and original soundtrack. Gamblers hear the cult tracks that made this guy a legend. Music lovers and players who have never even heard it (although there probably aren’t any) will get absolute satisfaction.

It is worth recognizing that the developers have tried their best. Every player will find a game to their liking. They are based on world-famous bands, individual performers, or even specific genres. High-quality graphics, pleasant soundtracks, and numerous thematic bonuses distinguish all games.

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