Incursed – Amalur

The very beginning of this Incursed “Amalur” triggered what I call my musical memory. I don’t know why but there are songs that make me remember things from the past. Not only remember, but feel that delicious nostalgia of a time you are sure you have not lived. Cientists say that there is a kind of DNA memory. I mean some compelling  emotions from our ancestors get recorded someway in our genes. Periods of hunger, of extreme suffering somehow get attached to our being. Cool, hum? Religions have been telling us for a long time that we are part of a bigger thing. That is why, maybe, I remember things when I listen to some songs.

This is Incursed “Amalur.” A warm and cozy album. Music that makes you feel home. Of course, you do not have to be addicted fo Metal to feel it. “Amalur” is meant to be natural, to bring up some ancestry links that are still with us. Even though the histories they tell are very far away from us. “Amalur” brings the middle ages man that still lives in our lives. That gets more evident when it comes to songs with violins. Their warm and melodious sound is bright in anyone’s memory. The title track, “Amalur,” plays with them all around. When you listen to “A Crownless King” you almost see the court with the charming ladies, the knights in shining armours, and all. A time travel without a machine. Who ever told there are no time machines? Incursed have provided us one.

There is nothing absolutely new about Incursed’s music. But does that bother us? No, not at all. In opinion that is where the memory mechanisms start. Metal makes that to us. It is the feeling of belonging to something bigger. The Metal community. And there is no way to even try to explain to a fashionist. Do not even bother!

A big hail to Incursed!

Track Listing:

  1. Lurramets (intro)
  2. Cryhavool
  3. Psalm of the Accursed
  4. Akelarre
  5. The Awakening
  6. Amalur
  7. The Slavic Covenant
  8. A Crownless King
  9. The Hardest of Harvests
  10. Zombeer Alcoholocaust
  11. Brothers In Arms
  12. Fear a ‘Bhata (bonus track)

Incursed “Amalur” was released in September 25th. Click here to hear “Amalur” at Bandcamp.

Watch “Psalm of the Accursed” official lyric video here: