Indiana High School Offers Satanic Club

School Of Rock

An Indiana high school now offers a Satanic club.

Despite the fact that the club strives for inclusivity and is dedicated to acts of community service, there are, of course, many who are sharing their opinions on the matter. A Facebook account called Unify Carmel posted about the club, saying, “Under the guise of diversity, inclusion and equity they have invited Satan himself to walk the halls of Carmel High School.” Others comments under another post about the group read:

“This is so sad that a nation founded on God would allow his garbage to our children,
Be careful our great and mighty creator will judge one day.”
“Shameful evil is all around us.”
“Best they we can do is PRAY HARD over this group!”

An Instagram account called The BLack Monarch posted in support of the Satanic Club of Carmel. They proposed having a fundraiser for the group, and one person commented under the post asking, “Could they have a cuter logo?”

The description in the 2020-2021 Carmel High School Clubs document reads: “The Satanic Club of Carmel wants you! We are here to help our community! We will be teaming up with other clubs and donating, volunteering, and anything else to help our community however big it small it may be. We will also be having discussions about current events and how to offer help to solve these conflicts. We are here for all people, regardless of anything!”