Indign – Retribution Review

Hell yeah, there are times that it’s impossible not to be so proud of writing here. It’s only the opportunity of listening beforehand a great deal of albums, nor the cutting edge Metal music of this sad and lonely and pathetic little world but also to meet incredible exciting bands. Here we’ve got a band that dare to mix modern Metal vocals with the most exciting Heavy Metal instrumental from the 1980’s and more. In fact, “Retribution” is a hodgepodge of Metal eras. The outcome? An unpredictable album where each track brings something new or some surprise. Many fans won’t like the comparison but Indign address a lot to Avenged Sevenfold with a more cutting edge vocal and more daredevil and audacious instrumentals. The formula here is to have no formula. At least in the sight of the eye. Or the ear.

I wasn’t overreacting when I compared Indign with Avenged Sevenfold and “Exile” is here to prove me right. I dare my dear fan to go right to it and check it out what I’m saying. For real, “Retribution” is a trip to a lot of styles in Metal music. I’m not kidding. It’s possible to find riffs and overtones from almost all Metal music from Hard Rock to Black Metal. Some may think that this is a true sign of lack of personality, but I beg to disagree. For all this the album is super exciting to listen to and to expect the next surprise it’s going to come. There’s no boring track in “Retribution” whatsoever. From the Heavy oriented “Legion” to the Extreme Metal inspired “Hero’s Lament” the album is a trip to Metal music styles and boldness. The glue to link everything is Constantin Iliescu’s voice which manages to be the presence in all tracks. From the beginning the album surprises. After the aforementioned album opener “Legion” comes the early Extreme Metal oriented “Ripped and Torn” which reminds early Slayer and Anthrax. Who would write a track to address to those both bands? I guess only Indign so far. The vibe goes on with “Reaper”s Birth” where Constantin Iliescu’s modern Metal vocals constrast with the raunchy and ripping instrumentals.

I guess we’ll hear from Indign a lot from now on. Very promissing band.

Indign “Retribution” was released on April 8th via GreatApe Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Legion
  2. Ripped and Torn
  3. Reaper’s Birth
  4. The Final Hunt
  5. Call to Tepes
  6. Son of Ares
  7. Fly by Night
  8. The Vision
  9. Immolation
  10. Ominous Domain
  11. Acheron Falls (River of Woe)
  12. Exile
  13. Heroes Lament

Watch “Exile” official music video: