Infected Chaos – Dead Aesthetics Review

“Dead Aesthetics” isn’t an easy album to put a label on it. Perhaps the tittle says too much than I can tell about Infected Chaos and the album. Maybe. In some terms dead aesthetics represent well the mood of the album, however, on the other hand, there isn’t anything dead here. It would be better to say Undead Aesthetics. Just my opinion, because the way I see it the music in “Dead Aesthetics” is alive, well, exciting, and moody. Infected Chaos do the prodigy of having no track equal to each other, a thing that many Extreme Metal bands aren’t able to, but Infected Chaos did pretty well. In fact, the fan that listens to the album might have the impression that the tracks were taken from different albums from different eras of the band’s career. As I said, it’ s a prodigy. The fan that is interested in keeping track of the elements in an album might count lots of Extreme Metal influences in it from Melodic Death Metal with touches of Industrial to Black Metal with a mix of Raw Death Metal. They’re all in. And valid.

“Dead Aesthetics” is delicious from head to toe. I know the term delicious might not be appropriated for an Extreme Metal band but the thing is that I can’t help it. I had such a great time listening to the album and the word that comes to mind is delicious, not putrid, not decayed, not rotten. But if the fan feels okay with them I’m good with all of them and maybe Infected Chaos are as well. The fan will notice that the guitars are exciting and loud with an uptempo drumming. The band mixes melodic guitar phrases with insane riffing making tracks a musical hell on earth with so many disparate intents and musical paths.

It’s great to give the album more than one solitaire listen. The ideas and opinions get clear while the album is rolling more than one time. I changed my mind while listening to “Dead Aesthetics” for the second time. I noticed that it would be better to say that have Infected Chaos a strong Melodic Death Metal basis where they apply other Extreme Metal Music influences. Opening track “When Yonder Calls my Name,” for instance, starts as if it were Melodic Death Metal with a mysterious and ethereal instrumental soundtrack, but soon after the mood changes into some exciting Nine Inch Nails influence. The track gets string and insanely heavy with some growling vocals that make it even stronger and sickier. The plain and tight guitars give the song an expected effect making it even crazier. The kind of track that the fan doesn’t know where it’s going and how it’s going to end up. The Nine Inch Nails esque riffing is just fantastic. Everything changes with the raw and intense “Hollow Chars” whose insane guitar solos and growling Brutal Death Metal vocals change the fan’s mind. Well, I’ll invite the fan to check the album for himself.

Infected Chaos “Dead Aesthetics” will be released on September 11th.

Track Listing:

  1. When Yonder Calls My Name
  2. Hollow Chars
  3. Eager Breed the Gods of Pestilence
  4. Gehenna
  5. Iron Nights
  6. And Thus I Fell
  7. Death Metal Shock Prayer
  8. Pitch Black Fever
  9. Away
  10. Lethargia
  11. Of Death and Birth

Watch “Gehenna” official video here: