Infected Dead – Archaic Malevolence

Right-in-the-face straight-ahead death metal! This what Infected Dead with “Archaic Malevolence” have to offer us today. And a class of metal instrumental playing. If you want to show your buddies a very good exemple of technical death metal, here’s Infected Dead. The guys really know how to shred. Infected Dead are the Dream Theater of death metal.

“Archaic Malevolence” opens with a grand intro. It kind of make you have another idea about Infected Dead. But the title track leaves no doubt. Pure and powerful death metal. A sick sepulchral low tuned voice steals the attention leaving room for a sharp, and fast guitar playing. Everything played in the speed of light. Of course, there are some moments of slow tempos, but they are as fast as Infected Dead’s playing. “Invocation of Unspeakable Gods” is one of them. The fast tempos are changed by lots of dissonances and remarkable drum playing. Infected Dead are a band that uses all their mesmerizing instrumental portfolio to make a song sound twisted.

“Archaic Malevolence” is an album with an extrapolation of senses. Infected Dead use the same technique  early extreme metal bands used to, that is to fulfill the songs with a lot of musical notes in order to make it heavier. “Archaic Malevolence” is a overload of senses, a burst of sounds into your ears. The complexity of instrumental playing helps this intent too. It is not only the speed that the notes are played, but also its repetition. Guitar shreds help a lot with creating the sonic overload. Infected Dead prize speed and the overload of information.

“Archaic Malevolence” is an album to listen when you’re angry. There’s lots of it. Infected Dead use their music to express all their hate and anger to the world. Much better than taking guns.

Track Listing:

  1. Book of Dead Names (Intro)
  2. Archaic Malevolence
  3. Resurrectionist
  4. Invocation of Unspeakable Gods
  5. Forced Existence
  6. Samsara

Watch “Forced Existence” official video here: