Infinitas – Skylla

And here we go! Now we are having the chance, and honor, to review one more Infinita’s effort. The time now is for “Skylla,” the new Infinitas EP. And that is exactly the main problem with “Skylla”: to be an EP. And a very short one. Only four tracks in about ten minutes of music. Too short!

I guess the right word for title track “Skylla” is delicious. The rhythm, singer Andrea Böll’s voice, additional violins, and everything in “Skylla” is perfect. I have no shame of telling one more time how I appreciate folk metal. Infinitas as well. Infinitas are the kind of band one get in love in the the first time. The mix between ancient traditional music with modern metal is one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. A perfect marriage, if that does exist. I’m not sure about it. I mean marriage.

“Civitas Interitus” was reviewed here in the end of last year. From then on, I guess Infinitas have evolved a bit more. And by that I mean not only singer Andrea Böll’s voice, but all the musicians at the band. “Skylla” seems to be more of a band effort. It is a team work. Some will think that it is easy to combine present music to violins and ancient instruments. It is not. In fact, it is very hard to find the right dose of each one. More guitars it gets to heavy, more violins it gets so classic, and go on. That’s where the team work goes.

“Conclusio” acts as a bridge to “Samael.” It works as a piano continuation of “Skylla” in order to get to “Samael.” When you listen “Skylla” for the first time you get delighted, but one may not notice that all four tracks are musically connected. They are part of a bigger one track. It does work fine to me. As I told before I am a great Infinitas fan. I’ll be waiting anxiously for some more.

Infinitas “Skylla” will get to the skies on May 04th.

Track Listing:

  1. Skylla
  2. Conclusio
  3. Samael (Acoustic Version)
  4. Leprechaun

Watch “Skylla” official video here: