Inhuman Condition

Newly-formed death metal band INHUMAN CONDITION has announced their guests that will appear on their anticipated debut album.  The trio, which features Terry Butler (OBITUARY, ex-DEATH/MASSACRE/SIX FEET UNDER), Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC, THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG), and Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) have moved into the post-production phase at Kling and Nordberg’s Smoke & Mirrors Productions in Spring Hill, Florida.

Drummer and lyricist Paul Mazurkiewicz (CANNIBAL CORPSE) is featured as a lyricist for two of the band’s songs, while whammy-shenanigan master and former MASSACRE/DEATH guitarist Rick Rozz supplies guest guitar solos for three songs. 

About the album, Kling said: “We have all 14 songs finished up, but not all of them will end up on the first album, so we’ll have the track-listing and other album info announced soon. We decided to get Paul (Mazurkiewicz) involved in some of the lyric-writing for the album, which was a blast because he’s such a great lyricist. We had been chatting with Rick (Rozz) after we split with MASSACRE last fall and one thing led to another and he ended up coming over and laying down some sweet leads on a few of the songs.”

Mazurkiewicz said: “It’s been a privilege and a pleasure contributing lyrics for INHUMAN CONDITION. TaylorJeramie and Terry have created some killer music and skulls are going to be crushed!” 

Rozz added: “This was an honor, and very flattering to be invited to do some whammy shenanigans over three killer tunes with the two great musicians that put this together. Wishing the band all the best, until the end. Cheers & Peace.”